Smalltown Audio

At Smalltown Audio we only use d&b Audiotechnik loudspeakers for our FOH systems. These are widely accepted as being the most natural sounding PA box available. They have an outstanding performance with an extremely low power consumption. The systems come complete with their own dedicated amplifiers which contain all the digital processing for individual types of boxes. Continually monitoring the signal path to the loud speaker ensuring that the system always sound it's best. Thus making a very effecient system, a typical equation is, a 2Kw set up of d&b will be equal to 6/8Kw of any other manufacturer.  

Our current hire stock includes

C7, C6, C4, E3 and B2 cabinets

Our dedicated large format FOH desks at the moment include:

Midas Heritage 2000 (48 channel )

Midas Legend (40 channel)

Midas XL3

Midas XL4

Midas Verona 400 ( 40 channel)

With monitors being handled by our Soundcraft SM12 (40 channel )

We also carry a selection of smaller consoles, both analogue and digital suitable for smaller style events.

Midas  Venice 320,  Soundcraft Spirit 24/4/2, Yamaha 01V                  

Processing is carried out by all the usual suspects, Drawmer, BSS, Klark Teknik,  Lexicon, TC Electronics, Focusrite and Yamaha.

Monitors, we feel, are probably one of the most important parts of any system, that is why we have heavily invested in a biamp set up. The system is based upon SSE MB3 wedges, these are loaded with JBL and RCF components and are digitally processed via LEM DX24 processors, powered by QSC amplification, these offer up to 2.5Kw per mix.

In addition to our large format wedges we have recently purchased four C6 wedges, which are ideal for smaller jobs but still retain an outstanding quality, as you would expect from d&b.