Smalltown Audio

Lighting can transform a venue and take it to a whole new level of entertainment, having a great sound is no longer the only element for a good show, an audience now expects to be entertained sonically and visually, here at Smalltown, we carry an array of lighting and specialist effects to cover a wide range of events from simple architectural lighting to complete rock n roll madness. 

From your standard Par Can to the latest in LED lighting 

Par Cans & Generic Fixtures

Par 64's 1KW ( wired in banks of 6, socapex in )

Par 64's 1KW ( singular, wired to 15amp )

Par 56's 300watts ( banks of 4 and singular, wired to 15amp and IEC )

Source Four Profiles (750watt)

Strand Leko Profiles (1Kw)

Stage Blinders ( 4 & 8 way )

Moving Heads

Coemar Prospot 250Lx, Martin Mac 250, Martin Mac 500, Martin Mac 600 wash

Robe Color Spot 250at, Robe 1200xt

Stage Drape

Black Drape, 8" wide, 22 " drop ( fire retardent )

 LED Star Cloth 20" x 10" & 10" x 10"


Avolite Pearl 2000, Avolite Pearl Tiger, Zero88 Fat Frog, 

Zero88 Alcora, Zero88 Sirius


Avolite FD series 72 way

Anytronics  24 way,

Behringer 24 way

Truss & Stands

Litetructures, Global Truss F34, Manfrotto and Power Drive stands

Genie Lifts

Verlinde 1 ton hoist, CM Lodestar

Half ton manual chain hoists ( 6m &10m drops )

Smoke and Stuff

Jem Technohaze, Le Maitre, Zource, 6 way Pyro control

Smoke Factory Tour Haze 2, Jem 6500 low fog(32 amp 3 phase)